What we do

Our commitment is to protect and increase the value of your asset. That’s why “integrity” isn’t just a catchword for us, but part of our DNA.

When it comes to the fundamentals, you’ll find Rockfort people to be highly knowledgeable about your building’s systems, savvy about staffing issues, and just plain easy to work with.

Best Practices

Rockfort is well versed in practices that make the best business sense for a Condominium.

Be it strengthening reserves, bidding out projects or following meeting procedures, our managers will ensure that your condominium is following industry guidelines laid out by organizations such as the Community Association Institute and the Institute of Real Estate Management.

Personalized Focus

Rockfort focuses on the specific needs of each individual condominium in our portfolio, and we custom-tailor a top down management plan to fit a specific Condominium Association’s needs and goals.

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Our vision

At Rockfort our motto is “A Foundation for Success”.  We believe that the management team is the foundation that allows the Board and the Unit Owners to achieve their goals for their properties.  When Rockfort manages a property we endeavor to understand the Board’s vision for the property, and we put our tools and experience to work to realize that vision. By implementation of industry standard best practices, innovative problem solving and a personalized focus, Rockfort can help an Association achieve the goals they have for their homes and investments.

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